Services We Offer

Medical Homecare Management

    Our experienced, professional, Geriatric Care Managers will meet with you and your loved one to identify and create an individualized and personal care plan to resolve your loved one’s care needs.We work with families, clients, health care professionals, trust officers, attorneys and other senior oriented professionals to meet your loved one’s unique needs. Our extensive experience allows us to develop an effective care plan, identifying the best resources for your loved one.

Senior Living Advocacy

      Geriatric Care Managers at Palm Beach Care Management will provide an individualized and personal care plan tailored to address and meet your loved one’s needs.  We will advocate on behalf of your loved one and assure them that they will be treated with respect and dignity from all providers in all situations. Our Care Managers know that your loved one’s situation will change as they age in place, we are experienced in assisting your loved one to facilitate those changes. We are available at all hours of the day and at any time during the week, and our priority is to make each day your loved one’s best.

Lifecare Planning

     Life Care Planning entails anticipated medical needs, psychosocial needs, life-healthcare needs,

and coordinated financial needs and legal resources as they age in place. As our Care Managers at Palm Beach Care Management continually assess your loved one, they anticipate each clients’ changing needs.  It is imperative that an overall individualized and personal plan be made and implemented with your loved one’s needs being met with grace and dignity.  Our Care Managers work with trust officers, attorneys and other Senior professionals to make

sure that your loved one’s needs are met.